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HYMATO PRODUCTS Ltd. is engaged in research and production of humic acid and fulvic acid based products. We use hungarian origin raw materials of outstanding quality for our products such as leonardite and black peat. We produce finished products as well as active ingreadients and different formulations for food supplements, natural cosmetics and medicines. We also produce fulvic acid, hymatomelanic acid and humic acid of different quality according to the special needs of our partners.

We are members of the International Humic Substance Society (International Humic Substance Society) and the International Peat Society (International Peat Society).
We hope you will find valuable and useful informations on our website as a customer, as a dealer, as a researcher or as a formulator. We hope your attention will be focused on the exciting application and business possibilities of our humic acid based products.
We would welcome you as our new partner!

With kind regards:

Dr. János Csicsor
general manager


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In addition you can find our products in bio-shops and naturopatias.

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Company registration number:1909510482
VAT number: 14362189-2-19
EU VAT number:
HU 14362189
Kossuth L. u. 33.
T +36 88/782-701
F +36 88/782-701

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